Our Story

Our Story

The Center 4 Hope came about with a lot of different experiences that God used and wove together to birth the vision of the Center 4 Hope. I lived for 14 years in one of the poorest areas of the United States – Appalachia. I saw first hand the devastating effects of generational, systemic poverty. I also saw how caring for needs and showing mercy and compassion opened doors for Gospel conversations. Coming to serve at Hope, the Lord called a group of us to be a part of food delivery service to the under-resourced in Greece. God used that to eventually connect us with FoodLink, and the current food pantry started to grow.

In 2015 I was hospitalized and spent five weeks in the hospital and two months recovering after surgery. With plenty of time to pray and seek God and His plan, the 2020 Vision was birthed, and the Center 4 Hope was a large part of it. God used many, many brothers and sisters in Christ to bring clarity and strategy to the vision so that today we are about to launch the Center 4 Hope that will unleash compassion and be a beacon of hope to our community by sharing the love of Christ through food, medical care, employment, and financial counseling.

– Pastor Kirk Dueker

Our Mission

The Center 4 Hope serves God by sharing the love and compassion of Jesus with the Greece community using service, education, care, and by filling basic needs. We value individuals in this community and desire to walk alongside all who seek to improve their situation and life. The combination of a person’s own abilities and skills blended with community resources and support from the Center 4 Hope can bring about transformation, self-sufficiency, and a thriving Christian lifestyle.

Our Values: Love Unity Initiative

Chris Folwell

Director of the Center 4 Hope

Chris was born and raised in Rochester, NY. Graduating from Gates Chili High school he would later go on to earn his Master in Contextual Theology from Palmer Seminary at Eastern University. For seventeen years Chris was on the Pastoral Team at The Father’s House, located in Rochester, NY. Chris and his wife Tanya had the opportunity to launch a downtown extension site of The Father’s House in 2009, this provided much opportunity to build systems and teams to care for those who have a tremendous need. Chris’s deepest desire is to see the Kingdom of Heaven expand on earth, he also has a passion for leadership and leadership development in others. Chris and his wife Tanya reside in Pittsford, NY with their three children Kenadi, Levi, and May.