Choosing The Best Job

Right now it seems like everyone is hiring. You see Now Hiring or Help Wanted signs everywhere. If you are currently looking for your next job, you are likely in a position to be choosey about what job you want to pursue. But choosing between jobs can be a little overwhelming. Don’t jump at the first offer. Take some time to do a little research.

Gather Detailed Information About Each Job

If a job sounds too good to be true. It may be. Take the time to ask questions. Get detailed information about salary and benefits in writing. You need more information than just salary to make a fair comparison. A job may have a great salary but if the commute is an hour each direction that extra money could be spent on gas and time to and from the job.

Create a list of important information so you can do a side-by-side comparison of jobs. Here are some things to consider:

  • Salary
  • Hours (are they flexible?)
  • Commute time
  • Benefits (insurance, vacations, personal days, overtime)
  • Company values
  • Opportunities for advancement

Rank the items that are most important to you. A long commute may not bother you or perhaps you are looking for a job that allows some remote work. Also, consider the work environment or atmosphere. Does the company align with your values? If not, it may not be a good fit even if the pay is great. Job-induced stress is real. You may want to consider a lower-paying job if it will mean less stress.

Listen To Your Heart

Narrow your selection down to at least three if not two choices. Listen to your gut. Ask yourself would you be disappointed if you didn’t get this job? Are there any red flags you haven’t considered? Don’t let salary alone be your deciding factor.

Thank The Other Company

Now that you have made your selection, don’t burn bridges. Gracefully thank the other company. You never know when you may need to change jobs in the future. Keep that door open for future opportunities.