Fresh Ideas for Corn on the Cob

It is that time of year where corn on the cob is everywhere. Field fresh corn is at its lowest price with some retailers selling it as low as 10-20 cents an ear. Here are some great ways to use all that corn.

Let’s start with the basics. What is the best way to cook it?

Boil It.

Shuck the corn just before boiling. Have the water boiling and carefully place corn in and boil for 3 minutes. Yes, just three minutes. Otherwise, your corn will be chewy and no longer sweet.

Microwave It.

My favorite method. Leave the corn in the husk. Place 3-5 ears at a time in the microwave and cook on high for 4.5 – 6 minutes. It will depend on your microwave wattage. Carefully removed the ears with a hot pad and set on cutting board. Cut the bottom end of the ear (not the fuzzy end) about an inch from the end of the cob. Now grab the ear at the top and squeeze and press at the same time. The ear of corn should slide right out with NO silk!


Another great way to steam your corn is in an Instapot. Just add a cup of water in the bottom and the trivet (to keep the corn out of the water). Stack shucked ears vertically. Cook for 5 minutes on high with the vent closed. Quick-release the pressure after cooking.

Grill It

There are lots of methods for grilling the corn from leaving the husks on (trimming the silk). You want to leave some of the husk to keep the corn from drying out. If you want some char remove some of the husk leaving a few layers. Read more about grilling corn.

Now that we have cooked the corn. Let’s top it.

Butter and salt. It doesn’t get much better than that. You can make flavored butter with garlic or blue cheese for a little zest.

Mexican Street corn

Roll freshly cooked corn in a crema mixture (see recipe)

Off the cob.

Just because the corn is on the cob doesn’t mean you can’t cut it off. Here are a few recipe ideas for fresh from the cob corn:

Charred corn salsa

Crispy Corn Fritters – also a great way to use leftover corn.

Smoky Corn & Jalapeño Dip

Fresh Corn Salad