The Right Tools

Having the right tools makes all the difference. A close family friend is a very talented mechanic. Each time I’m at his home, if he needs a tool, he knows right where to go in his expansive garage to find what he needs. When we have the right tools for the right task, we’re able to move much more efficiently. 

Whether you’re a guest, volunteer, or leader at the Center 4 Hope, I want to celebrate that tools are being added to ensure we can continue to Unleash Compassion in the town of Greece, NY. 

Within the last few months, Shaunna Smith (the Volunteer Director at the C4H) has been implementing a new resource called Right Now Media. Right Now Media is used in several non-profit organizations and churches to help provide resources. Right Now Media has a general library that provides hundreds of resources to help us grow as leaders and in our relationship with Christ. The Center 4 Hope is building its own page within Right Now Media to ensure we continue to equip our volunteers and leaders with the proper training needed. 

As we move forward, I’m eager to celebrate each step of progress. I’m thankful for the implementation of Right Now Media and its potential to help our teams continue to grow

Bless you! 
Chris Folwell Executive Director