Why does the community need the Center 4 Hope?

We do not need to read far in the gospel to see that Christ is closely acquainted with those who have an urgent need. While teaching the Beatitudes, Jesus refers to a need that will bless us; He speaks of “poverty of spirit.” We are told that when “we are poor in spirit” we will see God. This is referring to a Christ-follower who chooses to remain wholly dependent on God, knowing only He can fill the void in our life. We must not try to fill our lives completely with this world. Poverty in our spirit will make space for God to fill our lives with His presence.

As I read through the New Testament, I also see Jesus responding to those who have other urgent needs: the sick, those caught in sin, those stranded in the middle of a storm. In each of these situations, Christ takes action. He fills the gap. He’s present.

The work we do at the Center 4 Hope is spiritual work. We are carrying out the mission that Christ has given us to do. We see a need and we’re working to respond to that need. Every item of food we provide is because we love Christ, and we love others. Every phone call we take, each appointment we schedule we do because we love Christ and love others. Each conversation regarding financial or employment counsel we do because Christ motivates us. The gospel compels us.

I have a deep respect for every organization working to help others in this challenging season. What I love about the Center 4 Hope is how we will provide world-class service that has been developed over many years, while also offering to pray for you. We believe that the service we provide, done in a Christ-like way and combined with prayer, is a recipe to deeply impact someone’s life.

Here is what I would like to ask you: when you finish reading this blog, would you stop and pray for just a moment? Would you pray for the Center 4 Hope Board and Leadership Team? Please pray for the volunteers and all those who help. Would you pray for every guest we will have proximity to over the next few weeks and months? Would you pray for the work we are doing to officially land a medical partnership?

Know that you are deeply appreciated. Unleashing compassion in the town of Greece will require each of us.

Bless you,

Chris Folwell

Executive Director